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Natural Cambodian Hair

We are an independent private company and specialists in the collection, preparation and selling of 100% natural human Remy hair and other related products.

Our factory is based in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. Our main distribution hub is in Cambodia with a reception hub in the UK. We currently export hair wholesale to Africa, the United States, United Kingdom and the Caribbean via our hub in Cambodia.

The natural human hair market is saturated with many companies and websites selling human hair. However, a recurrent problem that can adversely impact the consumers is the lack of consistency in quality of standards and a lack of supply. To solve these problems, we are dedicated to providing the leadership and rigorous quality control procedures to maintain the highest quality standards for our products and we are constantly expanding our sourcing network to ensure we provide a consistent supply to our customers.

We can validate the supply, its quality and proof of hair origin through local customs and excise authorization receipts and export certificates as well as DHL shipping documentation. We have set up our factory and our operation in the country of supplies i.e. Cambodia. We have also employed local agents who are continuously seeking out new supply in nearby provinces. Our agents and staff are trained in hair selection and quality control so that we can continue to source and supply the highest standards of hair quality.

A key feature that clearly distinguishes us from most of the other suppliers in the UK and the US is that whilst most of these suppliers operate as middlemen we have successfully established ourselves as the source. All stages of selection, collection, processing and QC are done in our factory in the host country and managed by us. We have extensive experience in the region and have a sound understanding of the country’s people and its culture.

Our key market differentiators are:

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